Aptus Ecozen

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Aptus Ecozen

Clean root surface and eliminate dead organic waste!

Ecozen is a potent combination of enzymes that serves a variety of purposes, including maintaining a clean root surface and eliminating residues and dead organic waste. These are crucial tasks for maintaining active nutrient uptake, the rhizosphere, and the health of the soil.

Additionally, Ecozen contains enzyme complexes that convert accumulated or precipitated ions into plant nutrients that can be used.

Transform excess salt into nutrient-rich food, improving plant health and reducing dangerous salt overload.

As a result, the EC in the medium is stabilised, the plant's natural capacity to absorb more nutrients is enhanced, and salt buildup from fertiliser is prevented, which can lead to infection issues, lockup, and antagonism in the root system.

Overall, Ecozen is a powerful soil and root conditioner that collaborates with microbial activity and bioavailable nutrition. Additionally, Ecozen contains a little quantity of manganese, which encourages micro-life and helps the material broken down by the enzymes to be further broken down and recycled.



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