Plant your dreams, Grow with Us

Happy Hydroponics is a family owned business located in Melbourne that sells Hydroponic equipment Australia wide, from providing quality equipment, service and knowledge we ensure you get the most value growing with us. 
We range from hydroponic equipment to gardening supplies only providing the highest quality name products at a reasonable price.
With many years of experience of knowledge in horticulture and hydroponics from our family to yours, we share our expertise in serving you necessary quality service and products to grow hydroponically or just in general.
Having the thought of people coming to us and being able to successful grow drives us daily to get up and work hard to provide you guys a successful growing experience.

Our online store is built to provide the simplest and fastest way to purchase hydroponic and gardening equipment via online.

Our Mission

Our goal is to deliver high-quality services and high-quality items that are just required for you. 

Whether you're a beginner or an expert with many years of experience, we welcome any grower and provide them an experience where they feel just like home.

In store or online, we are open to answer to any gardening and hydroponic questions in order to meet your needs.

*If online please email us at or contact us through here*


  • Honesty - therefore only recommend the products that is necessary for your growing needs.
  • Family - As a family business, we value family dearly to the extent where we value our customers as family creating a family community.
  • Knowledge - In an emerging industry like hydroponics, we are always willing to learn, share, teach and inspire.
  • Integrity - Acting with strong ethics is a priority for our business
  • Promise to customers - Being sincere with our words and the connections we build is the first step in providing excellent customer service.