Fade - Flushing

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Fade - Flushing

Finishing Flush Solution: Fade

Fade is a special flush formula without nitrogen, designed to give plants essential nutrients like calcium and microelements during the crucial ripening stage.

This ensures your plants remain nourished and avoid starvation as they mature.

How Fade Works:

  • It's a nitrogen-free solution to prevent nutrient deficiencies and rot while boosting the production of biological compounds
  • Replaces traditional flush methods that can deplete essential nutrients, negatively impacting yield and quality.

Using Fade:

  • Swap your regular nutrient solution for Fade in the last 2 weeks of flowering.
  • Mix at the same rate as your usual solution, noting that Fade is more acidic.
  • Adjust pH after mixing to ensure optimal absorption.

Benefits of Fade:

  • Enhances flower maturity and quality by managing nitrogen levels.
  • Ensures a supply of immobile nutrients for a healthy finish.
  • Compatible with Pro Bloom, increasing vitamin levels without risk of rot or deficiencies.

Application Rate:

  • Add 10-16ml of Fade per gallon of water during the final 3 weeks of flowering.

Tips for Use:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Use clean measuring equipment.
  • Monitor EC levels and adjust for the plant's growth stage.
  • Adjust pH to desired levels after mixing all fertilizers.
  • Store in its original container at temperatures between 45°F and 85°F.

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