1 | 5 Gallon Oil Extraction Bubble Bag - 5 piece set

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1 Gallon Oil Extraction Bubble Bag - 5 piece set

Bubble Bag Kits are high-quality filtration bags that include drawstring storage bags. They are intended to extract essential oils in a safe and effective manner.

The bags are color-coded according on their micron filtration rating and are intended to simplify the extraction process, allowing even the least competent extractor to generate the maximum amount of product.

The bags are composed of laboratory-grade nylon and include long-lasting, high-quality mesh screens that meet and exceed quality standards.

Extracts made with Bubble Bags can be used in cooking, soaps, aromatherapy, and ointments. The bags are completely waterproof and have a PVC-free finish.

Pollen Extractor Ice Bubble Bags 1 Gallon (4Ltr) 5 Bags
  • 1 x Blue Bag 220 microns
  • 1 x Red Bag 160 microns
  • 1 x Orange Bag 120 microns
  • 1 x Yellow Bag 73 microns
  • 1 x Purple Bag 25 microns
  • 1 x Pressing Screen
  • Storage Pouch


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