Advanced Nutrients Candy

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Advanced Nutrients Candy

Boost Growth and Flavour:

  • Add energy-boosting carbs during peak bloom time. Plants need extra sugars they can't always make enough of, especially when they're growing fast.
  • Use special carbs like those from cane sugar and fruit extracts. This helps plants and their root-friendly microbes stay strong and healthy.

Quality Ingredients Matter:

  • Use high-quality ingredients. Avoid bad molasses and use the right kind of amino acids (L-form) for better plant growth.

Boost Your Product:

  • Improve taste and size with fruit extracts and vitamins. These help your plants look, smell, and taste better.

Easy-to-Use Solution:

  • Get everything your plants need in one product. Just add 2 mL per liter of water from the start to the end of the bloom phase.

Safe and Natural:

  • Free from harmful growth regulators, ensuring your plants grow naturally and safely.

Just follow a simple feeding chart and watch your plants flourish with sweeter and larger product!

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