Advanced Nutrients Tarantula

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Advanced Nutrients Tarantula - 250mL, 500mL & 1L

Advanced Nutrients Tarantula will transform your garden into a powerhouse!

100% Organic root booster, containing around 10 million viable beneficial bacteria per gram, making it one of the strongest liquid microbial root coloniser in the market.

According to research, the size and potency of your plants' yields are mostly dependent on their roots. However, the most striking characteristic of the majority of hydroponics roots zones is that they are biologically dead.

The only living thing in them is the roots. You might observe that your roots appear dry and thin when you pay close attention to them.

But unlike the majority of roots you'll encounter, healthy roots actually appear healthy. They are thickened, heavily branched, "muscular," and vivaciously alive.

In hydroponic gardens, those kind of roots are uncommon unless you've introduced healthy bacteria to your root zone.

Your Roots Are The Gateway To Feeding The Right Flower-boosting Compounds Directly Into Your Plants.

Features Of Advanced Nutrients Tarantula

• Promotes Healthy Plants and stronger root systems
• Maximizes Plant Growth Rates and Yield
• Supports the Plants Production of Growth Hormones
• Maximizes Nutrient Uptake and Solubility of Minerals
• Highly Concentrated Formula 

Important: The calibre of the water is crucial. We advise using reverse osmosis (RO) purified water or rainwater. Water that has been filtered or aerated produces the best results.

Tests are required for bore water.

Rinse medium with fresh water once a week to prevent nutrient and salt buildup.

How do you use Advanced Nutrients Tarantula? - DIRECTIONS:

Works with all types of hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, ebb and flow, and continuous liquid feeding growing systems. It also works with ALL hydroponic, soil, or sphagnum growth mediums.

During weeks 1 and 2 of your flowering period, use 2 ml per liter in soil, soilless, and hydroponic systems.

In uneven soil, this unique mixture will boost root mass and restore colonies of helpful bacteria.

How does Advanced Nutrients Tarantula work?

The beneficial bacteria and fungi in Advanced Nutrients Tarantula help to improve the health of the plant's root zone by:

  • Breaking down organic matter into nutrients that the plant can absorb.
  • Producing enzymes that help to improve nutrient uptake.
  • Secreting hormones that help to stimulate root growth.
  • Suppressing root diseases.

When should I use Advanced Nutrients Tarantula?

Advanced Nutrients Tarantula can be used throughout the growth cycle of the plant, but it is most beneficial during the early stages of growth when the plant is establishing its root system.

It can also be used during the flowering stage to help the plant produce larger, more potent flowers.

Is Advanced Nutrients Tarantula Organic?

Tarantula is 100% organic root booster!

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