Air Comfort Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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 Air Comfort Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Never stress about recording and constantly having to monitor the environment manually again! 

Life as a grower is already stressful, having to worry about nutrients, lights, and many more. It's never ending!! 

Are you a person who constantly worries about the temperature and humidity in your grow room because you just want the perfect grow?

What if there was a product that could notify you about the temperature and humidity while also conveniently recording them?

What if you could easily monitor the temperature and humidity even if you're not there?

You could be be watching TV upstairs, playing with the kids outside, cooking in the kitchen, and still be able to tell the temperature and humidity in your grow room!

Let's add an item to your shopping list that helps finds a solution to your problem!

The Air Comfort Temperature and Humidity Sensor!

Easily and Wirelessly Record and Monitor the Environment in Your Grow Room

Maintaining control of the environment in your grow space is essential for any grower; the more you know, the more you can alter it for the benefit of your plants and, eventually, your production!

The award-winning AirComfort keeps you informed about the climate in your grow room both currently and in the past. It records all the data it collects and sends it straight to your phone or tablet via bluetooth and a downloadable app. 

You can collect grow room data using the AirComfort and app for up to 100 days, even if you are not within bluetooth range for any reason.

This gives you plenty of time and knowledge to further fine-tune your grow room climate to keep things stable, resulting in content plants that produce enormous yields when it's time to harvest.

The App helps; 

    • Connects multiple (up to 16) units

    • Notifies you when reading exceeds certain level

    • Graphs showing stored readings

    • Preset data set for different type of rooms

  • Customisable sensor info

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