Aptus Base Boost

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 Aptus Base Boost

A must for a healthy plant growth.

Baseboost is a time-release, 100% organic pellet fertiliser that offers all the nutrients necessary for up to three months of plant growth. Each application lasts for two to three months, and longer cycles can be requested by reapplying. The macro and micronutrients required for strong, healthy plant growth are included in its precisely prepared formula.

Accelerate the growth process!

For growers with limited time or those attempting to accelerate the growth process, Baseboost works well as a complete fertiliser on its own.
When used with the other boosters from the Aptus Premium Collection, Baseboost can successfully take the place of a standard basic NPK nutrient for advanced growers who want to increase yields.

Baseboost can be applied during transplanting by mixing it into the soil or as a top dressing to provide your plants more nourishment for a longer period of time. (particularly for outdoor applications)

How to use Base Boost

It's really easy to apply.
Before transplanting, you have two options:
  • either mix into the soil or planting hole,
  • or top dress and water in.

Apply just with water, or for more impact, add boosters. Even for young plants, Baseboost is efficient and secure to use.

Baseboost should be used in combination with Aptus boosters because it can take a week or two for it to fully take effect.


• In a 5-7 gallon container, use 100g per plant for short crop cycles (1-3 months).

• In a 5-7 gallon container, use 2-300g per plant for long crop cycles (3-6 months).

• For per 10 gallons of soil in large pots or soil beds, use 1-150g of Baseboost.

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