Aptus Peak Boost

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Aptus Peak Boost

Use Less  And Get BETTER Results!!

PeakBoost makes essential phosphorus bioavailable and accessible

Peakboost concentrates all of the phosphorus used in the bloom cycle into a single product.

With this formulation, Aptus has made it possible to completely manage the application of increased phosphorus during the various stages of a plant's growth cycle.

The phosphorous in Aptus Peakboost is chelated into an organo-mineral solution, allowing for accurate phosphorous dosage in consideration of your plant's genetics, stage in the growth cycle, or desired flower set behaviour.

Stimulate the Blooming Process leading to massive beneficial effects!

With the addition of L-amino acids, the phosphorus has its eyes exclusively on the roots of the plants and is far less likely to be impacted by environmental conditions.

By avoiding the harmful antagonistic effects of inexpensive bulk goods with high concentrations of both phosphorus and potassium, the specialised application of chelated phosphorous enables for optimal health.

You will see a difference in your final harvest when using Aptus Peakboost since it contains optimally chelated phosphorus together with the elements that are typically antagonistic, such as zinc, iron, and copper.

How to Use PeakBoost

Every feeding from the second to the sixth week of the flowering stage, add PeakBoost to your reservoir. Depending on how long your particular plant will take to finish flowering, you may choose to increase or decrease the dosage of PeakBoost.

To avoid the creation of calcium-phosphate linkages, which make both unavailable to the plant, be sure to mix any calcium supplements (like MassBoost) in the solution before adding the other.

Utilize the Aptus Nutrient Calculator to adjust your feeding regimen.

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