Aqua Tanks

Size: 225L
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A versatile water storage solution – ideal for Hydroponics.

All Aqua-Tank units come unassembled in a small carton with support legs, inlet screen, tap, and overflow outlet.

They are quick and easy to construct, and because they come unassembled, positioning the storage tank exactly where you want is a breeze.

Once you’ve finished with the tank, it can be easily unassembled and stored for later use.

  • easy to assemble – no tools required

  • non-toxic UV resistant material

  • reinforced stitching

  • high quality fittings

  • feed chart pocket

  • easy to store when not in use


Directions of Use

  • Position your AQUA-TANK near a downpipe on a firm flat surface.

  • Position the end of the downpipe to the filtered opening on the lid of the tank. It may be necessary to cut the downpipe and/or add an elbow joint. Alternatively, unzip a portion of the lid and insert the downpipe onto the tank, but this will not allow for any filtering.

  • Add about 50mm of water to the tank to give it stability while waiting for rainfall.

  • Once water is collected in your AQUA-TANK, water can be emptied through the spout using a standard garden hose, or unzip the lid and dip a watering can or similar to water your plants.

  • Periodically check the filter to remove any debris.

  • The overflow valve can be kept closed or opened as needed.

  • You may connect a hose to the overflow valve to divert water to a preferred location or to multiple tanks.

  • If you live in an area where you may experience freezing conditions during the winter months, ideally you should empty your tank and store in a mild environment.

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