Athena IPM

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Athena IPM

A comprehensive pest management solution, Athena IPM eliminates a wide variety of soft-bodied insects and mildews instantly upon contact.

Athena IPM is a complete pest management solution that kills various soft-bodied insects and mildews on contact.

It is made from yeast cultures and enzymes that dissolve the pests' outer membranes and cause mold growth and desiccation.

This mechanical impact prevents the organisms from developing resistance or tolerance.

 Comprehensive pest control: avoid, eliminate, and manage
There are no synthetic fungicides or pesticides; all microbial exudates (enzymes) are organic.

  •  Originating from components cultivated in the USA
  •  Adaptable from planting to harvesting
  •  Extracts from natural plant oils deter pests.
  • Eggs, nymphs, and adults of pests and mildew are all killed upon touch.
  • Proven safe and efficacious ingredients in an EPA 25(b) exempt product
Application Instructions
Application Method:
Spray in the morning sun or with the lights off. If the issue doesn't go away, start with a lower dose and raise it later.
Two complete weeks before harvest, stop all treatments.
To reduce plant stress, thoroughly wet the growth medium before applying a spray.
Vegetative up to end of Flower week 3:
For every 10L of water, mix 158–238 mL of Athena IPM. application 2-3 times a week.
After Flower week 4 (only if required):
In 10 liters of water, mix 238–317 mL of Athena IPM.
Two applications each week.
Dosage and method:
In 10 liters of water, mix 238–317 mL of Athena IPM. Spray in the morning sun or with the lights off.
If the issue doesn't go away, start with a lower dose and raise it later.
Minor Pressure:
For most pests, a minimum of three treatments spaced two to three days apart is needed.
Spraying frequency is based on the target pest's reproductive cycle.
Moderate - Severe Pressure:
Day 1: 238-317 mL per 10L. 3x IPM applications in one day. Allow each treatment to fully dry before the next application.
Day 3: 238-317 mL per 10L. 1x IPM application
Day 6: 238-317 mL per 10L. 1x IPM application
Root drench In 10 liters of water, mix 13–26 mL of Athena IPM. Fill the medium to the point of little runoff. compatible with additional chemicals and fertilizers.

Effective against the following pests and disease

• Spider Mites
• Two-Spotted Spider Mites
• Southern Red Mites
• Broad Mites
• Red Spider Mites
• Thrips
• Root aphids
• Mosquito Larva
• European Red Mites
• Leaf aphids
• Chiggers
• Whitefly
• Powdery Mildew
• Downy Mildew

Best Practices

Mixing  Well shake before using. When the product is shaken or aerated, it will froth. Before adding anything else to the water, carefully mix.
Measuring  Measure carefully with sanitized equipment. Never fill the bottle with anything.
Water  Compatible with all water sources.
Storage Keep closed in its original packing and store between 4 and 35 degrees Celsius. Outside of this temperature range, the product may separate.
Diagnostics  Extremes of temperature can influence solubility. Shake well to dissolve any sediments that may be developing. For a replacement, get in touch with Athena Support if the issue persists. 
Compatibility: Fits with every type of spray gun. Mixable with the majority of foliar products.
Always begin your testing on a limited region.
Completely soluble and non-clogging in sprayers.
Stability: Mix the product fresh every day it is applied; dilution reduces stability.

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