Athena Pro Line Core

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Athena Pro Line Core - 4.53kg(10LB) | 11.34kg(25LB)

Athena Pro Core provides a solid foundation of nutrition for plants at all stages of development.

Amino acids and chlorophyll are put together by nitrogen.

Calcium helps create structure and  essential microelements for the generation of enzymes, photosynthesis, and many other critical plant functions. 

Benefits of Athena Pro Line Core

  • easily accessible Calcium, nitrogen, and other important microelements

  • Dry fertiliser that is fully soluble and has no particles or silt

  • Suitable for use with any dosing system Dosatron, Rhythm, and Netaflex

  • Complete mixing occurs at room temperature.

  • low level of heavy metal

  • All dosing systems are interchangeable and ideal for mixing stock tanks. This large-grind mix is completely soluble, so it won't cause irrigation systems to become clogged or leave silt in reservoirs.

Mixing Guidelines

Use only when Athena Pro Grow or Pro Bloom is also being used.

Count by weight rather than volume.

Combine in any form other than dry or concentrated.

Stock Tank: Stir well until dissolved after mixing no more than 2.5 pounds per gallon of water. Depending on the desired solution strength, dose as needed.

Mix 60% of Pro Grow or Bloom in the reservoir. For target EC mix rates, refer to the dosage chart.

Ingredients: Calcium Nitrate, Sodium Molybdate, Boric Acid, Manganese EDTA, Iron EDTA, Copper EDTA, and Zinc EDTA

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