Barrier Guard

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Barrier Guard will provide your plants complete protection for a minimum of 2 months against fungus gnats, larvae, mealy bugs, aphids, scale and any unwanted sucking insect. Barrier Guard also contains essential ingredients which are beneficial to plant health, making them grow taller and stronger and making fertilisation more efficient. Watering after application increases penetration and allows faster take-up by the plants root system.


Applying as a Barrier Protection: Moisten growing medium and apply an even amount around the pot. Water well immediately to ensure Barrier Guard makes contact with the roots.

Applying as a treatment:  If your crop already has unwanted pests, then apply the same way as the Barrier Protection. Allow up to 2 weeks to see results depending on the severity of the infestation.

  • 10g equals 1 x level Tablespoon
  • 10g treats a 20L pot
  • 15g treats a 30L pot
  • 25g treats a 50L pot

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