Bio Diesel Bloom Booster

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Bio Diesel Bloom Booster 250mL | 1L | 5L | 20L

How to use Bio Diesel Bloom Booster Grow Guide For Flowering / Bloom Stage

What is Bio Diesel Bloom Booster?

Bio Diesel Bloom Booster is a high-performance bloom booster that promotes flowering and bud growth in plants.

It is made from a particular variety of desert bat guano and contains organic phosphorus, polyflavonoids, complex sugars, amino acids, and natural plant growth regulators which your plants can't get enough of!

How does Bio Diesel Bloom Booster work?

The way that Bio Diesel Bloom Booster works is by giving plants the nutrients they require in order to grow bigger, more powerful blossoms.

The complex sugars and amino acids in Bio Diesel Bloom Booster give plants the energy they require to expand and flower, while the organic phosphorus in the product aids in flower formation.

Larger, more uniform flowers are produced as a result of the natural plant growth regulators in Bio Diesel Bloom Booster, which serve to control plant growth and development.

Why should you use Bio Diesel Bloom Booster?

Bio Diesel Bloom Booster can offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased flower production
  • Increased flower potency
  • Improved flower quality
  • Reduced stress on plants
  • Increased yields

How should Bio Diesel Bloom Booster be applied during the bloom stage?

During weeks 1–3 of the bloom stage, add 2ml of Bio Diesel per litre of nutrient solution.

Up to the end of the third week, use 2mL each time you water.

Increase the dosage to 5ml of Bio Diesel per litre of nutritional solution during weeks four through six.

One to two weeks before to harvest, stop using Bio Diesel to give the plants time to properly ripen.

Is Bio Diesel Bloom Booster compatible with other nutrient programs and organic soils?

Yes, Bio Diesel Bloom Booster works well with organic soils and all of the major nutrient programs.

It is suitable for a variety of growing techniques because it has an EC/PPM of 0.1 and a pH of neutral.

How often should I use Bio Diesel Bloom Booster?

Bio Diesel Bloom Booster can be used every time you water your plants during the flowering stage. However, it is important to start with a low dose and increase it as needed.

Should I be concerned about the concentrated and dark part in Bio Diesel?

No, you shouldn't be worried about the concentrated and dark part of biodiesel. It actually represents a higher nutrient density, as the product is fully organic.

This concentrated portion gives your plants an extra dose of nutrients and bioactive compounds to help them expand their buds and blossom.

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