Bio Diesel Marine CaMg+

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 Bio Diesel Marine CaMg+

The Only Powerful Booster You Need!

Grow Guide For Vegetative / Growth Stage

Grow Guide For Flowering / Bloom Stage

Marine CaMg+ is also an excellent FOLIAR SPRAY for a rapid vegetative or to repair nutrient deficiencies in as little as 24/48 hours once the nutrient pathways are clear.

Natural sea components, including calcium and magnesium from sea bed deposits obtained from crustaceans. 

Marine CaMag+ contains organic materials from the ocean that have been given extra nitrogen and trace elements. 

Increase Resistances To Disease, Pests and Environmental Stress While Having Faster Growth Rates

With the help of Marine CaMg+, you may boost growth and optimise nitrate levels for shortages in nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, and boron.

Use in conjunction with Green Diamond Hydroponic base nutrients to achieve the ideal level of nitrogen for a particular variety and stage of growth.

Marine CaMg+ is most suited to Coco Fibre and Hydroponic systems but can also be used less frequently in soil or as a foliar spray to 'green up' plants when required.

More Benefits Include;

  • Larger, more powerful plants with lateral branches

  • For enhanced cell division, contains natural Plant Growth Promotants (PGPs).

  • Shorter vegetative cycles and faster growth rates

  • Rapidly correcting Ca, Mg, or N nutritional deficits

  • Solution with a high concentration


Apply throughout the vegetative stages once clones and seedlings have developed strong roots, are about 20 cm tall, and are actively growing.

Alternately, use at any stage to repair an N, Ca, or Mg deficit.

Marine CaMag+ can be used to amplify coco fibre and b ecause Marine CaMg+ is so concentrated, take caution when combining it and applying it to delicate, small plants.

Foliar Application; 

Larger plants 1m+ 1ml per Litre Vegetative Plants 0.5ml per Litre

During the active growth phase of large plants, apply regularly or twice weekly.

 For more information about Marine CaMag+, Click here.

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