Bio Diesel Super Natural

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Bio Diesel Super Natural - 250mL | 1L | 5L

A High-Quality Organic Stimulant For Root And Shoot

Grow Guide For Vegetative / Growth Stage

Grow Guide For Flowering / Bloom Stage

made from a combination of Bio Diesel's renowned Bio Stimulants and organic sea algae extracts.

Supernatural aids in the rapid plant response, enhanced nutrient uptake, and development of enormous lateral feeder roots in your plants.

Super Natural benefits ;

  • Biostimulants that are organic

  • The best choice for resolving plant stress and trace element deficiency

  • Faster plant growth and roots

  • Expanded blossoming areas for more blooms

  • Immediate response in plant growth

  • Suitable for all nutritional regimes

  • Contains trace elements with a full spectrum

  • Ideal for hydroponics or soil


Bio Diesel Super Natural is a natural root and shoot stimulant that can be used in both soil and hydroponic systems. It is ideal for coco fibre, clay balls, or any inert hydroponic media.

Seedlings and Cloning

For cloning, use 0.25ml/L of water in cubes or chambers.

For seedling establishment, use 0.25ml/L of water.

For seedlings and rooted cuttings, use 0.50ml/L of water.


Use 0.5ml/L of Bio Diesel Super Natural on young plants and 1.0ml/L on plants 50cm or taller.

Use from the beginning of the vegetative stage until the middle of the flowering stage.


Add Bio Diesel Super Natural to the nutrient tank after adding your base nutrition.

Use 0.5ml/L on young plants and 1.0ml/L on plants 50cm or taller.

Use throughout the vegetative stage and through the third week of flowering.

Foliar Spray

Bio Diesel Super Natural can also be used as a foliar spray.

It can be used alone or in combination with Aloevate to produce a powerful foliar growth enhancer.

Is Bio Diesel Super Natural Fully Organic?

  • The ingredients are all organic. The organic sea algae extracts are grown in a controlled environment without the use of pesticides or herbicides. The bio stimulants are also derived from natural sources.
  • The product is made without the use of synthetic chemicals. This means that there are no harmful chemicals in the product that could harm your plants or your health.
  • The product is certified organic by ECOCERT. ECOCERT is a leading international certification body that guarantees that products meet strict organic standards.

Bio Diesel Super Natural Ingredients

  • Organic Sea Algae Extracts: Sea algae are a rich source of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. They also contain growth hormones and other compounds that can help to promote plant growth.
  • Bio Stimulants: Bio stimulants are natural compounds that can help to improve plant health and growth. They can help to increase root growth, nutrient uptake, and resistance to stress.
  • Full Spectrum Trace Elements: Trace elements are essential nutrients that plants need in small amounts. They are often deficient in soils, so adding them to your nutrient solution can help to improve plant health and growth.

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