Bitch'n 1L

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Bitch'n 1L

Bitch’n is an “Infamous” Australian product that allows the plant to rebalance its flowering hormone levels by increasing auxin production. 

This formula allows the plant reduce the hormonal effects of plant stress which may include heat stress, sudden changes in barometric pressure or poor genetic quality.

These factors will all lead to the plant trying to reproduce and changes to the hormone balance may lead to poor flower production, low or diminished yield weight and even total crop loss.

Bitch’n Will quickly and efficiently redress and rebalance your plant.

As it is made from only the purest natural ingredients your plant can absorb it quickly and efficiently giving the grower maximum benefit from this product.

Bitch’n has allowed growers to achieve consistent yields in even the most trying conditions of horticultural production

.Its capacity to refocus the plant can be extremely helpful during long periods of temp stress.

Bitch’n will also allow the crop to ripen evenly allowing for consistency in flower size and ripeness saving in harvest time and associated labour.

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