Bluelab Pulse Multimedia EC/MC Meter

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Bluelab Pulse Multimedia EC/MC Meter

Directly at the root zone without the need for pour-through, slurries, or extractions, quickly and consistently monitor temperature, moisture (measured in conductivity), and nutrients (measured in conductivity).

For automated data collection, measurement comparison, storage, and exporting, Pulse establishes a direct connection with your smartphone through the Pulse app.

Here you may get the Pulse app for Android (5.1 and later).

Works with a variety of growing media, such as soil, coco coir, potting soil, and nutrient solution.

You can now measure, compare, and correct more quickly. greater yield, less shrinkage, and healthier plant growth.

Pulse is constantly available, portable, and hand-held for crucial and fast measurements.

Plant health at your fingertips

Knowing your moisture levels will help you reduce the danger of root infections and optimise irrigation cycles and water use.

Know your nutrient levels and make sure your plants are receiving the appropriate amount of nutrients for their stage of growth to maximise growth.

Know your temperature to improve root function, detect temperature changes, and manage biological health.

Learn fresh information to advance your understanding of and performance of plants. With direct sensing technology, you can measure more places more quickly. The Pulse app lets you examine, query, and take notes on all of your root zone data.

Set nutrition and moisture range targets and receive prompt, in-field feedback Enable developing teams to measure more without requiring extensive knowledge

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