Bluelab Replacement PH Probe

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Bluelab Replacement PH Probe

Dependable double-junction pH probe technology that's built to last

  • Double-junction probe reduces reference contamination, extending longevity  
  • Fully waterproof - not just water resistant
  • BNC connector allows use with all other compatible Bluelab and Autogrow products 
  • 2-metre cable for measuring in hard-to-reach locations 
  • Use the included storage cap with KCl to lengthen probe’s lifespan 
  • Fast sensor response ensures quick and accurate measurements  
  • Polycarbonate housing for long-lasting strength  
  • Effective in solutions of 0.2 EC and above 

Why do pH probes need to be maintained?

Over time, pH probes can dry out and become less accurate. They also need to be cleaned regularly to remove any contaminants that may affect their readings.

How do I maintain my pH probe?

To maintain your pH probe, you should:

  • Keep the probe tip wet.
  • Clean the probe once a month with a pH probe cleaner.
  • Store the probe in a KCl storage solution when not in use.

How long does a pH probe last?

The lifespan of a pH probe will vary depending on how well it is maintained. With good care, a pH probe can last for several years.

How do I replace my pH probe?

To replace your pH probe, you should:

  • Turn off the meter.
  • Unscrew the old probe from the meter.
  • Screw the new probe into the meter.
  • Turn on the meter and calibrate it.

Should I replace the whole meter if my pH probe fails?

No, you should only replace the pH probe. The meter itself is still functional and can be used with a new probe.

Replace only the pH probe, not the whole meter!

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