Budrite A & B

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Budrite A & B

Changing to Budrite after using Growrite is recommended as it helps assist plants to maximize it's potential for rapid growth and increased yield!

Recommended for established plants during Flowering Stage Of Growth

If you want to use half of it's strength solution

2.5mL of Part A and B ( Added separately ) - Will Give 700 ppm

If you want to use full of it's strength solution

5mL of Part A and B ( Added separately ) - Will Give 1400 ppm

Foliar Spray Application 

1.25ml of Part A and B ( Added Separately ) and spray on plants 1-2 times a week.

Recirculating Systems 

Replace nutrient solution at least every 2 weeks for optimal results.

Maintain pH of nutrient solution at 5.8 for rockwool and 6.3 for other growth mediums.

Additional Description About Budrite

A fully soluble hydroponic fertiliser rich in phosphorus that promotes quick bud development and higher yields in the "Flowering Stage of Growth." Budrite is composed of the highest quality chelated trace elements and mineral salts available.

Budrite provides the nutrients required for optimal yields while being kind to the roots. The Budrite recipe has been refined via experimentation and experience, building upon research carried out in the Netherlands.

Professional growers have complimented budrite for its high potencies and outstanding yields.


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