Canna Coco Brick Plus - 40L

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Canna Coco Brick Plus - 40L

One of the markets first, reusable Coco!

Canna Coco in a brick size, that saves YOU  time, money and effort!!

CANNA, the coco production specialist known for its high quality CANNA COCO medium in 50 litre bags, has received numerous requests over the years for coco in a compressed form of the same high quality.

A cube would only be considered for introduction by CANNA if it truly stood out from the competition.

A Coco Professional Plus Cube that is the exact same high quality medium for which CANNA is renowned, but in a compressed form and one that actually makes a difference, has been created by CANNA after many years of development and testing. An enormous difference!

The hole is what makes it stand out the most. It increases surface area, which facilitates water absorption.

Because of this, the CANNA Coco Professional Plus Cube expands quite quickly.

In addition to being simple to use, this cube also saves the grower time, money, and effort. If you want to understand the "hole" distinction.

What separates CANNA Coco Bricks?

Quality CANNA COCO in a brick!

The best grade components are used to create CANNA COCO, which is of the same excellent quality.


Multiple uses of CANNA COCO result in time, money, and effort savings.

Package with several uses

Each brick is packaged in a bag that can get damp or soaked. No more containers, tubs, or buckets.

Simply open the bag, add water, and then carry it by the handles.

Simple to move and store

The brick is quite compact, which makes it very easy to carry and store because it takes up very little room.

RHP licenced

RHP certification in professional horticulture is held by CANNA COCO. RHP promises a clean, pure product fit for professional use, free of weeds and pathogenic organisms

No steam sterilisation

Because steam sterilisation destroys a medium's capacity to defend crops against dangerous moulds like Pythium, CANNA avoids using it on its products. Additionally, steaming changes the structure of the coco to allow it to hold more water, which is bad since it turns the plant-useful nitrate nitrogen into the plant-toxic nitrite nitrogen.

Washing and buffing

Canna Coco has been cleaned and buffered, making it ready for use. No need to rinse after washing to remove any salt. CANNA has buffered its data for the medium's chemistry and pH. coco medium to make sure that the nutrients you give will go to the plant.


Together, CANNA COCO nutrition and CANNA COCO medium are ideal. Canna is able to blend vegetative and flowering nutrients in one nutrition mix thanks to the unique properties of coco and the used washing and buffering method. This means that the nutrient can be used at any moment during the growing cycle, negating the need to concern about when to switch from grow- to bloom-stage nutrients.

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