Canna Coco Professional Plus - 50L

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Canna Coco - Premium Organic Growing Medium for your Hydroponic Grows

  • 100% Natural Coco Flakes: Sourced from prime and organic Indian coconuts, ensuring no soil diseases.
  • Buffered and Fresh Water Washed: Eliminates negative effects of coir and removes excess salts, perfect for nutrient absorption.
  • Stable pH and High Water Retention: Ideal for healthy plant growth, particularly water-loving plants like tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • Organic and Hydroponic Compatibility: Combines soil's organic nature with hydroponics' feeding precision.
  • RHP Quality Mark: Certifies the absence of harmful contaminants, ensuring a safe, high-quality growing medium.
  • Strong Root Growth and Reusability: Encourages vigorous plant development and can be reused, offering both efficiency and sustainability.

How to Use Canna coco; 

  1. Prepare the Medium: Gently loosen the Canna Coco Professional Plus before placing it in the pot.
  2. Potting: Fill the pot with Coco, ensuring to leave about 2.5 cm (1 inch) at the top for water management and to avoid overwater. Place the plant in the centre.
  3. Settle the Coco: Lightly tap the pot on a surface to help the Coco settle and eliminate air gaps near the roots. Be careful not to compress it too much as it will be harder to drain when watering.
  4. Initial Watering: Water with pH-adjusted water (pH 5.8) until you see drainage. You can add a root booster like Canna Rhizotonic for better root development.
  5. Regular Watering and Feeding: Once the Coco begins to dry, water it with a nutrient-rich solution. For Coco mediums, nutrients like Canna Coco A & B are recommended.
  6. Pot Size: Use pots that are at least 5 liters in volume for optimal root environment stability.

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