Canna Terra Professional - 50L

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Canna Terra Professional - 50L

If you plan to grow in the soil, this mixture is what you need!

CANNA Terra Professional is a professional-grade potting mix that is specially formulated for growing plants in pots. It is made from a blend of high-quality organic ingredients, including loose peat, wood bark, and perlite.

CANNA Terra Professional is designed to provide plants with the ideal environment for optimal growth and development.

  • Excellent drainage and aeration
  • High water-holding capacity
  • Rich in organic matter and nutrients
  • Promotes strong root growth and development
  • Boosts plant metabolism and increases yields
  • Reduces the risk of diseases and pests

What is the pH and NPK of CANNA Terra Professional?

The pH of CANNA Terra Professional is around 6.0. The NPK ratio is 15-10-10.

When should I add nutrients to CANNA Terra Professional?

You should begin adding nutrients to CANNA Terra Professional after your plants have developed their first set of true leaves. This is typically around 2 weeks after germination. You should continue to add nutrients throughout the growing and flowering phases, following the instructions on the nutrient label.

How to use CANNA Terra Professional?

To use CANNA Terra Professional, simply fill your pots with the potting mix and water well.

Be sure to allow the pots to drain completely before planting your seeds or seedlings.

Once your plants are in the ground, begin adding nutrients according to the instructions on the nutrient label.


Store in a dry and cool place
Do not expose to temperatures below 4°C

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