Centurion Pro Dry Batch Trimmer Model 2

Sale price$11,299.00


A Perfect Solution for Small to Medium Harvests!

The Centurion Pro Dry Batch Trimmer Model 2 is a powerful and efficient trimmer designed for small to medium-sized harvests.

It can trim up to 20 pounds of dry product per hour.

    • Soft tumble technology: This unique technology gently tumbles your product, resulting in a hand-trimmed quality finish that hasn't damaged any of the delicate trichomes.
    • Variable speed control: This allows you to adjust the trimming speed to match the specific needs of your material.
    • Ideal for all flower sizes and shapes: The DBT Model 2 can handle a wide variety of flower sizes and shapes, thanks to its large tumbler and adjustable settings.
    • Easy to use: The DBT Model 2 is simple to operate and clean.
    • Durable construction: The DBT Model 2 is built from high-quality materials and backed by a 3-year warranty.


    • Input voltage: 0.6 Amp 220 V
    • Dimensions: 79 cm x 48 cm x 74 cm
    • Weight: 29 kg
    • Tumbler diameter: 33 cm
    • Tumbler length: 59 cm
    • Horsepower: 1/8 HP
    • Number of tumblers: 1

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