1 Gallon Oil Extraction Bubble Bag - 3 piece set

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1 Gallon Oil Extraction Bubble Bag - 3 piece set

This high-quality 3 Bag Filtration Kit will assist you in extracting the valuable resins that plants naturally exude without the use of chemicals.

Many plant strains have varying crystal sizes in general, and our various sized bags allow you to filter herbal and botanical resins into different grades to match your needs.

The screen is composed of high-quality material that will filter dust, leaves, and other contaminants while still holding all of the finest and smallest high-quality herbal crystals, ensuring that no crystals escape.

Tensile strength, acid-base resistance, and high temperature resistance are all advantages of our bubble extract bags.

These strong and long-lasting bags are well-made with high-quality screens and long-lasting waterproof PVC OXFORD cloth that avoids flaking and chipping after repeated uses.

Flexible cords are included into each bag to firmly shut loaded bags. Each micron screen has a matching colour and label.

The lower the micron screen, the fewer crystals escape and the greater the filter performance.

Details about the Bubble Bag:

3 plastic bags

  • Bags are 1 gallon in size.
  • Purple package contains 25 microns.
  • 73 micron bag in yellow
  • The blue bag contains 220 microns.
  • There was one pressing screen provided.
  • Bubble Bag Instructions:

Bubble Bag Tutorial:

  1. Place bags into bucket, starting with the 25 micron and ending with the larger micron bag at the top
  2. Fill bucket with cold water enough to cover the bags and add your dried or frozen plant trimmings
  3. Fill bucket with ice to the top of the bags, then Stir the ice and plant trimmings for 10 to 30 minutes and let sit & settle for 30 to 45 minutes
  4. Pull out the bags one by one, draining away the water
  5. Use spoon or small scoop to remove plant extract from the bottom of each bag
  6. Use Pressing screen (optional) to separate, dry and press herbal extract
  7. Hand wash bags with cold water to remove any leftover residue & re-wash process if needed

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