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Cultiv8 Heat Mat Thermostat Maintains the ideal root temperature, enabling faster growth of cuttings or seedlings, for gardeners!

Also appropriate for heat bars!

The Cultiv8 Heat Mat Thermostat is used to regulate the temperature of a heat mat.

It has a digital monitor that indicates the current temperature and can be set to turn on and off the heat mat/heatbars at specific degrees.

Cultiv8 Heat Mat Thermostat Features; 

• Temperature measurement

• The temperature is displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

• Voltage 230V

• 50 Hz frequency

• Max current of 4.3A

• Max current of 1000W

• 20°C to 42°C in the temperature range

Cultiv8 Heat Mat Thermostat Manual/Instructions 

  1. Connect the controller to a power supply.
  2. Plug in the heat mat or another compatible temperature regulation device.
  3. Set the desired temperature using the digital interface.
  4. Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit if desired.
  5. Regularly monitor the temperature and make any necessary adjustments.

How does the Cultiv8 Heat Mat Thermostat work?

The Cultiv8 Heat Mat Thermostat measures the temperature of the heat mat using a sensor.

The thermostat switches off the heat mat when the temperature reaches the set level.

When the temperature falls below the preset level, the thermostat activates the heat mat.

What are the benefits of using the Cultiv8 Heat Mat Thermostat?

There are numerous advantages to using the Cultiv8 Heat Mat Thermostat, which include:

  • It can help keep your plants from becoming too cold.
  • It is possible to save energy by turning off the heat mat when it is not required.
  • It can help your heat mat last longer by keeping it from overheating.

What temperatures can Cultiv8 heat mat maintain?

The Cultiv8 Heat Mat Thermostat Controller can maintain a temperature range of 20ºC to 42ºC, which is ideal for a variety of plant types and growth stages.

This means that you can use the controller to create the perfect growing environment for your plants, regardless of their specific needs.

Here are some specific examples of how the Cultiv8 Heat Mat Thermostat Controller can be used:

  • To keep seedlings warm and help them germinate faster.
  • To provide a warm, humid environment for cuttings to root.
  • To maintain a consistent temperature for plants that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

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