CULTIV8 Thermo/Hygrometer

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  • With Lead and stainless steel probe

  • Displays Indoor and Outdoor Temperature

  • Records Max & Min Readings

  • Measures Indoor Humidity

  • Green backlight, beneficial for 'night' readings

  • Accuracy +/- 5%


Easily monitor both the temperature and humidity, in your tent or grow room with this handy Thermo Hygrometer from Cultiv8.

Why get a Grow Room thermometer and hygrometer?

Excessive humidity and heat will slow down the growth of your plant or cause damage. This thermometer lets you track the min and max temps and humidity in order to know when you need to make changes in the environment to speed up plant growth.

Cultiv8 Thermometer Hygrometer Bonus!

This digital display features a green backlight triggered with a button on the front. Use this when in the dark to avoid interference with the plant night cycle while observing readings.

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