Cyco Potash Plus - 1L | 5L | 20L

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 Cyco Potash Plus

Increase Yield and Strengthen your Plants!

Cyco Potash Plus helps to retain water, strengthens plants, and increases yields and transportability, all of which increase crop productivity.

In order to ensure that other nutrients, particularly nitrate, are absorbed and used by plants effectively and to prevent losses that could be damaging to the plant, Cyco Potash Plus balances them.

Cyco Potash Plus will aid in a plant's growth and development so that it can produce big blossoms. Additionally helping to get a full yield and quality is Cyco Potash Plus.

Many of potash's functions in plants are related to physiological conditions and stress. These numerous functions include enhanced water use, drought tolerance, and frost resistance, as well as effective nitrogen use.

Available in 1, 5 & 20 Litre

Weeks 1-4: Used During The First Half Of Flowering

  • Helps to Retain Water and Prevent Wilting

  • Aims to fortify and create superior plant tissues

  • Attempts to Set and Form Huge, Bold Flowers

  • Cyco Swell Should Not Be Used In Conjunction With CYCO POTASH PLUS

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