Eazy Block

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Eazy Block

The Eazy Block is the best growing medium for healthy, long-lasting plants.

It's ideal for every application and growth system, with fixed pH and EC values and a self-regulating air-to-water ratio. It's also super simple to use!

The Eazy Block promotes dense root growth through a process known as air pruning. When the roots reach the outside of the block and are exposed to dry air, they die back and stimulate the growth of secondary roots and root hair that spread throughout the block.

This results in a highly developed root system with maximum absorption capabilities for nutrients and fluids.

The Eazy Block will give your plants a robust, healthy start. It's also lightweight, clean, and mold-resistant because it's delivered dry and has an infinite shelf life.

Simply add water to bring out its natural properties and watch it absorb swiftly and easily.

Get the Eazy Block and take your plant growing to the next level now!


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