Flairform CMX

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Flairform CMX - 250mL | 1L | 5L

Use CMX if your plants have the following; 

    • Blossom end rot
    • Upward leaf curl
    • Withered flower or fruit set
    • Interveinal chlorosis
    • Stunted growth rates

Calcium, magnesium and iron additive:

CMX is a cal-mag supplement used to prevent nutrient insufficiency symptoms. All trace elements (Fe, Cu, Mn, Zn, Mo, B) are also present in CMX.

The majority of deficiency symptoms are, in fact, caused by trace element inadequacies. Symptoms of deficiency are frequent in developing systems with heavy feeders, are neglected, or have water of poor quality.

CMX contains 6% calcium, 2% magnesium, 0.2% iron EDDHA (NPK 4-0-0) and all essential trace elements (copper, zinc and manganese as EDTA, molybdenum and boron).

    • Use during vegetative & flowering
    • For use in hydroponics, soil or coco
    • Dose rate 0.5-1ml/L (2-4ml/Gal)
    • Available in 250ml, 1L, 5L and 20L
    • Technical: Click here to view product labels, feed charts, brochures and MSDS

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