Flirmask Foil 100% Infared Sheilding - 1m x 30m

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Flirmask Foil 100% Infared Sheilding - 1m x 30m

For usage in the military and horticultural industries, Flirmask is a revolutionary material that provides unequalled thermal radiation reflection and FLIR infrared thermal shielding.

Because FLIRmask is the only thermal radar and signature management material that can carry out various tasks, it is special. It is suitable for:

Protecting areas and/or field equipment from forward-looking infrared (FLIR) detection systems with anti-detection foil

a heat shielding material - preventing the transfer of radiated heat from components, machinery, structures, or buildings

Hydroponic grow foil and reflective sheeting increase crop output while drastically cutting energy leakage, resulting in significant energy savings.

Our tests have demonstrated that FLIRmask has superior anti-detection characteristics to those of the industry's leading foils and PET films, and it has the unique ability to provide total blackout during thermal reflection testing.

In tests when it was exposed to temperatures of 600?c, FLIRmask outperformed its rivals as a heat-shielding material and hydroponic grow foil, reflecting back an astounding 70% of the heat that was radiated.

The FLIRmask is chemical, algae, mould, and flame resistant and is far thinner than comparable foils and films that are already on the market (0.22mm gauge).

It is appropriate for usage both indoors and outdoors because it is flexible and simple to cut, making installation simple, but hard and robust once installed.

In summary, FLIRmask offers an all-in-one solution for thermal and infrared shielding needs that is highly effective and affordably priced.

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