FloraMax Clone Spray - 250mL

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FloraMax Clone Spray - 250mL

A carefully curated mixture of macro and trace ingredients in Clone Spray helps to ensure a 100 percent success rate with clones and seedlings:

  • Encourages robust root growth
  • Encourages robust, vigourous foliage
  • Keeps leaves and stems from wilting
  • Helps ensure transition-free growth through the late veg phase and helps prevent transplant shock.

Clone Spray includes a wetting ingredient tailored specifically for plants.

As a result, Clone Spray may penetrate foliage more easily and is more effective overall.


Crop rotation speed will be substantially aided by achieving quick, continuous development through the seedling (clone) and vegetative phases.

This was the main motivation for the creation of Clone Spray, especially for growing under HID lights.

Due to their thin foliage and root masses, young plants, especially clones, have a limited ability to absorb nutrients.

Clone Spray gets around this drawback. By providing vital nutrients and stimulants to leaf stomata, it quickens the growth of early roots and foliage.

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