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FloraMax Flowering Enhancer

3-in-1 additive: 

1. PK additive. 2. Cal-Mag-Iron additive. 3. pH stabilizer.

No matter what type of base nutrition is being used, this is the perfect flowering supplement to make growth simpler. It fulfils three purposes:

  • Cal-mag and iron DTPA (also known as "cal-mag-iron") are present in full dosage in Flowering Enhancer.
  • By eliminating the need for a separate "cal-mag" additive, growing is much simpler—EVEN when utilising RO or coco as a growing media. Common deficiency signs like leaf chlorosis, leaf curl, stunted development, and withering fruit set are all prevented by cal-mag-iron.
  • Additionally, it improves the ability of plants to use phosphorus and strengthens the structure of the plant during late bloom, when plants may have to support the weight of large fruit. The harvest's dry weight may increase due to phosphorus.

A carefully calculated ratio of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), or "PK," is present in Flowering Enhancer.

The basal levels of "PK" required for the flowering stage of plant growth are thus provided. PK is crucial for encouraging big, robust floral blooms.

Even when using hard water or alkaline additions, this method "locks" nutrient pH below 6.5 to help prevent pH-related deficiency symptoms. By providing pH buffers that are five times stronger than those found in competitor products, this is accomplished.

Many growers discover pH is stable in recirculating systems for 7–10 days...or longer!

pH correction is rarely needed in coco and soil.

Many of the deficiency problems with powdered base goods will be resolved by this product.

2ml/L (7.5ml/Gal) each dose during the blooming phase.

Should I modify the FloraMax feeding schedule during bloom to include *extra* PK additives? 

No, the FloraMax base nutrient, Resin-XS, and Flowering Enhancer are used to maximise the PK levels (Phosphorous and Potassium) (VegaFlora AB or Veg-1).

Resin-XS shouldn't be used during early bloom because additional PK can reduce yields with some strains. We normally advise using Resin-XS at 3ml/L (11.5ml/Gal) during mid- to late bloom.

Resin-XS, however, can be used for heavy feeders at up to 4 ml/L (15 ml/Gal).

Can Flowering Enhancer be used with OTHER nutritional ranges in veg (or flower)?

Yes. In order to avoid purple stems and petioles in vegetables and calcium, magnesium, and iron deficiency, many gardeners now utilise Flowering Enhancer.

Flowering Enhancer and Resin-XS, the two stand-alone PK additives, blend seamlessly into other ranges when in bloom.

In addition to providing pH stability, this combination eliminates the requirement for messy resin boosters, carbohydrates, and finishing chemicals. It also eliminates the necessity for a cal-mag additive.

Do I require a "cal-mag" to use FloraMax?

No, the FloraMax line is made to do away with the need for extra "cal-mag" additives because it already has this ingredient in our base nutrition and Flowering Enhancer product.

There was never a requirement for a specific cal-mag additive during the research phase, which involved hundreds of test grows.

Furthermore, use of additional “cal-mag” may result in excessive calcium precipitate leading to clogged lines or build-up in the reservoir.

Why then does FloraMax manufacture a “cal-mag”?

To address the deficiencies found in competing brands.

We are committed to helping growers achieve their best results regardless of the nutrient regime they follow, our Ca-Mg-Fe product is ideal for use with other regimes.

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