Floramax Growth XS

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Floramax Growth XS

Reduce Vegetative Phase By 1-3 WEEKS!!

What is FloraMax Growth-XS?

FloraMax Growth-XS is a foliar feed that helps to accelerate foliage growth and root mass in the second or third week of the vegetative stage.

It can help to reduce the vegetative phase by 1-3 weeks, allowing you to flip your plants to flower sooner.

How does FloraMax Growth-XS work?

FloraMax Growth-XS contains a blend of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that help to promote plant growth.

It also contains a unique formulation that helps to improve nutrient uptake and root development.

What are the benefits of using FloraMax Growth-XS?

  • Reduces the vegetative phase by 1-3 weeks
  • Promotes foliage growth and root mass
  • Improves nutrient uptake
  • Helps to prevent nutrient deficiencies
  • Is pH neutral and does not cause foaming or odours

How to use FloraMax Growth-XS?

  • Use for 7 days (maximum) in week 2 or 3 of the vegetative stage.
  • Dose at 1ml/L (4ml/Gal).
  • Do not use in conjunction with chlorines or peroxides.

Are there any special storage requirements for FloraMax Growth-XS?

Store FloraMax Growth-XS in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Ensure the cap is tightly closed after each use to maintain product quality.


Please note that this FAQ is intended to provide general information about FloraMax Growth-XS.

For specific usage instructions and guidance, refer to the product label or consult our experts at Happy Hydroponics through email or call us.


How to use Floramax Growth XS for optimal results

  • Use Floramax Growth XS at a rate of 1 ml/L (4 ml/gal).
  • For hot conditions or hungry strains, you may need to reduce the rate to 0.5 ml/L (2 ml/gal).
  • To prevent deficiency symptoms, increase EC by 0.2-0.4 mS while using Growth XS.
  • For auto-flowers, start using Growth XS 3 weeks before the expected switch to flower and stop using it 14 days before the switch.
  • The plant will continue to benefit from Growth XS for about 14 days after application.

Here are some additional tips for using Floramax Growth XS:

  • Use Growth XS in the second or third week of the vegetative stage.
  • Monitor your plants closely and adjust the dosage as needed.
  • If you are using other nutrients, be sure to check the compatibility with Growth XS.

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