FloraMax Pythoff PLUS - 1L

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FloraMax Pythoff PLUS - 1L

FloraMax Pythoff PLUS is a water treatment product that is designed to eliminate nutrient by-products in hydroponic systems.

It is a clear, odourless liquid that is safe to use from seed to harvest.

Pythoff PLUS is compatible with all FloraMax additives and is not compatible with hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorous acid, beneficial bacteria, or "live" systems.


  • Pythoff PLUS prevents the accumulation of nutrient by-products and blocked drippers.
  • It restores the condition of the rootzone, medium, and hardware during the weekly system flush.
  • It maintains the condition of stored water and prevents stagnation.
  • It cleans system hardware and recyclable mediums to prevent contamination of the next crop.
  • It is safe to use from seed to harvest.
  • It is compatible with all FloraMax additives.


The recommended dosage of Pythoff PLUS is 0.5ml/L (2ml/Gal) for nutrient solutions, flush water, and stored water.

For post-harvest system clean-up, the recommended dosage is 2ml/L (8ml/Gal).

What is the difference between Pythoff PLUS and FloraMax System Maintenance?

Pythoff PLUS is a more powerful water treatment product than System Maintenance. It is recommended for use as a preventative measure in hydroponic systems.

System Maintenance is a milder product that is better suited for maintaining the condition of working nutrient solutions.

Can I use Pythoff PLUS with beneficial bacteria?

No, Pythoff PLUS is not compatible with beneficial bacteria.

If you are using beneficial bacteria in your hydroponic system, you should use System Maintenance instead of Pythoff PLUS.

How often should I use Pythoff PLUS?

The recommended frequency of use for Pythoff PLUS is once per week. However, you may need to use it more often if your system is experiencing problems with nutrient buildup or blocked drippers.

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