FloraMax Root-XS - 1L | 5L

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FloraMax Root-XS - 1L | 5L

Explosive root development is made by using Root-XS.

The best root-enhancer for plants in soil, coco, and hydroponic systems This aids in quickening crop rotation and accelerating plant growth.

Explosive root and foliar growth lowers transplant stress and shortens the overall cropping period. Frequently, plants can be "flipped" sooner.

Produces fruit and foliage that is healthier, greener, and less stressed-looking.

Root-XS won't result in nasty residues, foaming, odours, or blockages to drippers and filters, either.

Because the special components in Root-XS are so stable, farmers benefit from improved dependability and consistency.

Suitable as a foliar spray as well as a root feed.

Dosage of 2 ml/L (7.5 ml/gal) for seed, veg, and bloom weeks 1-3.

WARNING: NEVER use an organic compound in combination with chlorine or peroxide.

Root-XS-explosive-root-growthBackground: A sizable and healthy root mass is a crucial building block for the production of consistently high yields, as successful growers are well aware of.

A thicker, denser root mat can be delivered by Root-XS, which has the remarkable effect of "transition-less" development and quicker crop pace. Toxic PGRs, carbs, or other compounds that can mess up the grow system or have unpleasant consequences have not been used, which is impressive.

Enhanced Extracted Organic Compounds

Typically, an indirect animal or plant source—such as guano, fish emulsions, kelp meal, etc.—is used to supply organics to a plant.

These organic sources may contain hundreds of distinct organic compounds, the bulk of which either have no nutrient-effect on plants or behave as obtrusive chemicals that can froth in the reservoir, accumulate biologically, form biofilms, produce smells, or clog drippers, among other problems.

Additionally, even when helpful compounds are present in these organic sources, their concentration is frequently unpredictable and fails to consistently benefit the plant, especially when quick, predictable cropping is necessary.

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