FloraMax Silica - 250mL | 1L | 5L | 20L

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FloraMax Silica - 250mL | 1L | 5L | 20L

Never Grow Without Silica! 

Mono-silicic acid ("MSA") and meta-silicic acid ("MTSA") are the two forms of silica that make up 16% of FloraMax Silica.

These two substances are fully soluble in nutrient solutions and are bio-available forms of silica.

This provides hydroponic gardeners with a number of advantages:

  • Enhances the stiffness of the stems and leaves.
  • Aid in avoiding leaf wilting when it's too hot.
  • Increases the fruit's weight, potency, and shelf life.
  • The highly concentrated FloraMax Silica is easily absorbed by plants (Monosilicic Acid and Metasilicic Acid).
  • FloraMax Silica has a shelf life of more than 20 years and is very stable (testing origins predate 1998).

Add Silica first or last! 

Because silica 0-0-8 is so concentrated, it should always be diluted with water beforehand—at least ten times. When it is introduced to the nutritional solution, failure to do this could result in the formation of white particles.

Higher ECs make this issue worse, especially when utilising hard or salty waters. Note that if the nutrient is immediately stirred, these "white particles" will typically dissolve and are therefore usually only an aesthetic issue.

Silica should be placed to the reservoir first, before the base nutrient and other additives, like many other types, if you DO NOT want to predilute it.

The issue with this is that it raises the pH of the water, which could cause pH-sensitive components to become unstable if the pH is not rapidly restored. Since Silica is added last, pH considerations are limited to the very last step.

If you add it first, you have to be concerned about pH throughout.

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