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FloraMax VegaFlora A+B - 1L | 5L | 20L 

VegaFlora A+B is a professional 2-part nutrient that is designed to suit the needs of commercial cropping in coco coir, hydroponics, and soil!

In hydro, coco, and soil, VegaFlora is a single AB recipe that functions flawlessly from seed to harvest.

This greatly simplifies stock handling and only needs two feed-lines, making it perfect for commercial grows.

By combining PK additions with VegaFlora in flower, the necessity for a separate foundation nutrient for grow and bloom will be eliminated.

VegaFlora can handle fluids with a high pH and salt content, which are common in bore and well-sourced groundwaters.

VegaFlora can assist in resolving or improving related issues including clogged drippers and "cloudy" nutrient solutions.

VegaFlora has outstanding long-term stability, is totally soluble, and flows exceedingly clean. The reservoir will stay stable when VegaFlora is used as instructed in run-to-waste applications for several weeks as long as evaporation and light intrusion are kept to a minimum.

VegaFlora is excellent for use with automatic dosing mechanisms.

No "cal-mag" is necessary. No additional nitrogen or "cal-mag" additive are required when using VegaFlora as instructed.
With VegaFlora, there are no lengthy dosing procedures and no waiting! Just measure, pour, and mix.

Due to VegaFlora's high* pH buffering capacity, pH adjustments are rarely necessary in soil and coco applications. Growers will need around FIVE times "less" pH Down while using FloraMax Flowering Enhancer than they would typically use.
The buffering properties of VegaFlora neutralise 80 ppm of alkalinity below pH 6.5.

This performs better than "highly-pH-buffered" brands by more than 20%.

he premium-quality components in VegaFlora include completely chelated trace metals like iron DTPA and iron EDDHA.

To reduce the possibility of toxicity and guarantee the fruits with the finest flavours, the ingredients are stabilised in solution and carefully harmonised.

For commercial markets that are extensively regulated, heavy metal levels are generally LESS THAN ONE-TENTH of official "limits".

VegaFlora has a 10-year shelf-life – this ensures reliability!

  • Dosage:  1.7 – 3.0ml/L (6.5 – 11.5 ml/Gal).


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