Flower Support Scrog Netting Red - 1.2m wide x 1m

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 Flower Support Mesh/Net Red

1 Quantity = 1 meter

This mesh can be very helpful in supporting a tree's branches and maintaining plant alignment. The airflow towards the plant is unaffected by the mesh pores because they are rather large.

  • The mesh is 1.2 metres wide

  • This flower netting is great for climbing plants like tomatoes or creating a sea of green

  • Meash Size 15cm x 14.5cm

How to purchase plant support mesh per metre?

We provide metres of or rolls of 1000 metres of 1.2m wide mesh for sale.

Choose the 1m Size at the top, then change the Quantity to 3, for instance, to purchase 3 metres.

On this method, the 1.2 m wide mesh will be cut across a total distance of 3 m.

How to Install Vertical Flower and Vegetable Support Mesh in Horticulture

According to the prefered methods, the mesh is stretched vertically and fastened to the poles positioned along the cultivated row.

It must allow for the development of the vegetable plant so that it can climb along the mesh and enter and exit.

It must be slightly elevated above the ground. The plant grows upright as a result, and the weight is supported. Better yields, both qualitatively and quantitatively, are produced, and harvesting is quick.

The best potential growth of the plant and fruit is ensured by the ideal flow of light and air. Peas, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and all climbing vegetables grow well in this environment. The plant may be quickly recognised thanks to its white colour.

Horizontal Floriculture Installation

The mesh is extended horizontally and secured to intermediate poles placed along the plot's sides and transversely arranged poles at its ends. according to the kind of farming. Continue to horizontally lay HORTONOVA mesh to create layers as the blossom grows. This enables the bloom to develop straight and thus obtain additional value on the market for flower sales.

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