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FOHSE Lighting - Scorpio 1000W

Scorpio WILL help you produce bigger, better yields!

What is the FOHSE Lighting Scorpio Grow Light?

A strong and effective grow light, the FOHSE Lighting Scorpio is made to provide amazing yields in close-to-canopy, single, or multi-level growth situations.

It uses the same techniques as FOHSE's well-known A3i model.

What are the benefits of using the Fohse Scorpio?

  • Increased yield: The Scorpio has the potential to provide up to 60% more light per BTU than an HPS system.
  • High levels of photosynthetic photon efficiency in the Scorpio can enhance the quality of fruits and flowers.
  • Reduced heat: Compared to an HPS system, the Scorpio generates less heat, which can reduce energy expenses and improve the comfort of the grow room.
  • Increased safety: The Scorpio is equipped with a number of safety features, such as an average surface temperature of 46 degrees and three layers of protection from electrical overload scenarios.

How does the Scorpio address the issue of low output and poor canopy penetration?

The Scorpio is made to solve the issue of low output and inadequate canopy penetration that is frequently present in other LED grow lights.

Utilising swivelling light bars, it uses cross illumination to maximise canopy penetration for the benefit of adjacent grow plots as well.

Can the Scorpio adapt to different stages of plant growth?

Yes, the Scorpio is made specifically for growing cnbis, with a spectral distribution catered to the needs of the plant.

You may quickly switch between spring, summer, and autumn modes to change the illumination as your crops develop over the course of their life cycle.

How much cost savings can be achieved by switching to the Scorpio?

You can save a lot of money by converting to the Scorpio LED grow light by avoiding the different expenses linked to conventional High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) systems.

These savings cover labour costs, hazardous waste disposal fees, cleaning charges, bulb replacement costs, and replacement costs for worn-out ballasts.

With the Scorpio, you may skip making recurring payments to maintain an HPS system.

What is the warranty on the FOHSE Lighting - Scorpio 1000W?

The FOHSE Lighting - Scorpio 1000W comes with a 5-year warranty. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship.


See Product Information Sheet here

  • PPF: 2800 μMol/s
  • Light source: Samsung LEDs
  • Maximum Ambient Operating Temperature: 100°F (37.8°C)
  • Input voltage: Options up to 480V
  • Fixture Efficacy: 2.8 μMol/J
  • Input power: 1000W
  • Fixture Dimensions: 42.25L x 47.25W x 4.5H in
  • Thermal management: Passive
  • Weight: 30KG
  • Dimming: 30%
  • Heat Output (30% - 100% brightness): 1,024 - 5,118 BTUs/hr
  • Lens angle: 90°
  • CRI: 92
  • Power supply rating: 100,000 hours
  • Control interface: Wall-mounted OLED panel
  • L90: 50,000 hours
  • Mounting: Universal Hanging
  • Communication protocol: 
    • RS485, 0-10V w/Converter,
    • or Ethernet w/Converter
  • Certifications: ETL, IP67, CE

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