General Electric Lucalox PSL Lamp

Size: 400W
Sale price$60.00

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General Electric Lucalox PSL Lamp

The most recent generation of horticultural lamps, specifically intended for greenhouses and indoor horticulture.

Perfectly balanced Blue and Red colours for optimised growth during all stages of plant growth!

The revolutionary high performance PSL Photosynthesis Light technology is now available in the GE Lucalox range!

While a few dollars more than most other bulbs, the GE lamps give you a lot more superior performance in output and quality. They are well worth the extra money.

General Electric Lucalox PSL Lamp Features; 

    • MORE PAR! - New High Xenon Fill Gas creates more spectrum and extra PAR output
    • Monolothic arc tube construction for extra strength and reliable starting, suitable for both magnetic and digital control gear
    • Improved PAR maintenance and output for more productive, uniform plant growth over a longer period of time
    • Available in both standard 230V and 400V EL lighting systems

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