Green Planet Horti Rawk

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Green Planet Horti Rawk - 500g | 1kg | 5kg | 10kg

Maximise Flower Quantity, Mass and Quality During Bloom Stage!

Green Planet Horti rawk is a flowering additive with a unique potassium combination that may be used independently of your regular feeding schedule.

What Green Planet Horti Rawk does

Horti rawk is a unique flowering supplement that provides your plants with a significant amount of potassium (K) during vigourous fruiting and flowering.

In the later stages of bloom, plants deficient in potassium will produce airy, loose flowers.

Green Planet Horti Rawk guarantees that when it's time to harvest your flowers, you'll get the most weight out of them by using a 0-0-62 straight potassium solution.

Potassium is critical in blooming plant development!

Potassium is in charge of sugar production as well as the plant's ability to store the energy required for flower development.

Additionally, it makes the plant stronger at the cellular level and aids in the development of strong stems to support larger flower sites. For farmers trying to get the most out of their flowers in time for harvest, Horti rawK is a necessity.

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