Green Planet Karbo Boost - Micro Food

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Green Planet Karbo Boost - 600g | 1kg | 2.3kg | 11.3kg | Micro Food

Karbo Boost is a powdered supplement that provides additional carbohydrates for microbial life throughout the flowering stage.

This promotes the rapid growth of beneficial microbial colonies in the growing media.

How does it work?

Carbohydrates provide bacteria with the energy they require to grow in the root zone of your plants.

Our mixture contains naturally occuring carbohydrates, which provide your plants with an additional clean source of energy to stimulate strong fruiting.

Adding carbohydrates throughout the flowering stage ensures that microorganisms can assist your plants absorb the nutrients they require to produce a healthy and aromatic crop.

These bacteria can aid in the breakdown of bigger elements into simpler chemical components that are easier for your plant to absorb.

Healthy microbial activity in the rhizosphere not only aids in nutrient mobilisation, but it also aids in water and oxygen absorption in the root zone, allowing for faster and stronger growth.

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