Green Planet GP3 Grow

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Part of the GP3 base nutrient system, Grow formula provides unparalleled results throughout the vegetative stage.

2 – 1 – 6

  • Base Nutrient

  • Vegetative State

  • Flowering Stage

  • Liquid Fertilizer


GP3 Grow is the component of the GP3 nutrient system that provides your plants with the optimal nutrients they require in the vegetative stage of growth.

This stage is when your plants develop leafy green foliage and a strong root system that will be able to support flowering sites during the bloom stage. The Grow formula contains no synthetic dyes and contains only ethically sourced ingredients to ensure your plants are getting the highest quality nutrients possible. These include nitrogen (N) and soluble potash (K2O), which plants require in large amounts to thrive. Nitrogen is vital to the process of photosynthesis and producing chlorophyll, which is responsible for green and healthy growth and increased yields. The soluble potash helps with the plant’s ability to resist diseases and encourages functions that will help your plant transition into the bloom stage. When used alongside GP3 Micro and GP3 Bloom, your plants will receive the primary, secondary, micro, and macronutrients they need for a bountiful harvest.

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