Green Planet Plant Guard

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Green Planet Plant Guard

Plant Guard is a potassium silicate supplement used in the vegetative and flowering stages of growth. Silicate increases the rigidity of your plant’s cell walls to support a heavier harvest and increase resistance to environmental stress.

Plant Guard is a source of liquid potassium silicate that promotes plant health and development during all stages of growth.

What are the benefits of using Green Planet Plant Guard?

  • Increased plant health: Green Planet Plant Guard helps to improve the overall health of your plants by strengthening their cell walls and making them more resistant to stress.
  • Increased yields: Green Planet Plant Guard can help to increase yields by improving the absorption of nutrients and water.
  • Improved stress tolerance: Green Planet Plant Guard can help your plants to withstand stress, such as heat, drought, and pests.
  • Enhanced root development: Green Planet Plant Guard can help to improve the root structure of your plants, which can lead to better nutrient uptake and water management.
  • Reduced pest and disease pressure: Green Planet Plant Guard can help to reduce the risk of pest and disease damage by making it more difficult for pathogens to enter the plant.

How does potassium silicate improve plant defences?

Potassium silicate contributes to the development of natural plant defences by strengthening cell walls. This reinforcement makes it harder for pathogens like rust and powdery mildew to invade and harm the plant. Additionally, unused silica accumulates in the outer layer of cell walls, acting as a barrier against pests and potential damage.

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