Grotek InstaGreen - Nitrogen Boost

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Grotek InstaGreen -1 L | 4L 

Grotek Instagreen is designed to give your plants that much needed nitrogen boost during developmental stages.

This mixture might aid in reducing yellowing and returning your plants' colour to a vibrant green.

Grotek With additional iron added, Instagreen can be used for cuttings, seedlings, or plants that are exhibiting symptoms of underfeeding. Instagreen can even be applied as a foliar spray to ill leaves and is simple for plants to absorb.

Always shake the container well before using, and keep it in a cool, dark location.

Use of Grotek Instagreen is appropriate in hydroponic, coco, and soil systems. DIRECTION FOR MIXING:

  • 5ml per 1 litre of water.

Combine 10ml with 1 Litre of water for foliar applications.

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