Growhard Bud Juice

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Growhard Bud Juice

Improve on your Flower Production, Increase Flower Sites and Enhance Yield!

Growhard Bud Juice is an organic bloom stimulator with a blend of natural plant hormones, fulvic vitamins, kelp, and other complex organics.

    • Triggers flower production
    • Increase flower sites
    • Enhance yield up to 40%
    • Increase floral development
    • Increase essential oil production
    • Stimulate plant Krebs cycle
    • Increase cell wall permeability
    • Increase disease resistance

How do I use Growhard Bud Juice?

Add 2.5mls of Growhard Bud Juice per liter of mixed nutrient solution for the first four weeks of the flowering cycle.


Organic bloom stimulator:

To be used during the flower-producing process, this mixture contains fulvic vitamins, kelp, and other complex organics.

Bud Juice is the most cutting-edge organic gardening technology available to producers. Growers receive a product that produces outcomes well above what nature intended thanks to this combo method to creating the best natural floral enhancement.

The Bud Juice formulation, when it comes to bloom stimulators, enables you to get amazing yields from a completely secure and all-natural option.

The plant's metabolism is boosted by the mix of natural plant hormones, fulvic vitamins, kelp, and other complex organics, enabling it to produce yields that were previously unattainable in other competitor's products.

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