GT Chilli Focus

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GT Chilli Focus

Grow The Perfect Chili with Chili Focus!

Specifically designed for their unique nutritional needs, GT Chilli Focus provides all 12 essential minerals your chilies' and peppers crave to thrive.

Chili focus will ensure optimal growth and maximizes your harvest, resulting in healthier, more vigorous chili.

Here's what sets GT Chilli Focus apart:

    • Complete Nutrition: Delivers all 12 essential minerals and calcium, tailored specifically for chillies and peppers.
    • pH Balanced: Guarantees optimal nutrient availability for effortless absorption.
    • Tailored for Maximum Growth: Formulated to meet the unique requirements of chillies and peppers, unlocking their full potential.
    • High-Quality Ingredients: Made with only the finest raw materials and chelated trace elements for easy plant uptake.
    • Safe and Effective: Free from harmful or ineffective chemicals like chlorides, urea, sodium, and ammonium.

Experience the benefits:

    • Faster Growth and Development: Witness your chillies and peppers flourish.
    • Increased Root Strength: Stronger roots for healthier, more resilient plants.
    • More Vibrant Flowers: Enjoy larger, brighter blooms for stunning displays.
    • Juicier, More Colorful Fruits: Enhance the flavor and appearance of your harvest.
    • Improved Disease Resistance: Help your plants fight off diseases naturally.
    • Greater Tolerance to Stress: Stronger plants that withstand environmental challenges.


Hydroponics : 5-10ml per liter of water.                             

Soil/Potting Mix: 3-7 ml per liter of water.


Use Chili Focus every time you water for optimal results.

Flush ( only use water ) once a month to avoid mineral / salt build up.

Analysis                                                                                                            Nitrate-Nitrogen 2.3
Phosphorus 0.6
Potassium 3.1
Calcium 1.2
Magnesium 0.5
Sulfur 0.1
Iron 0.04
Manganese 0.015
Boron 0.003
Zinc 0.003
Copper 0.002
Molybdenum 0.001

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