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Growth Technology Clonex Clone Solution 250ML | 500ML | 1L

What is Clonex Clone Solution exactly is it?

Clonex Clone Solution is a one-pack hydroponic nutrient concentration with rooting hormone added.

So, what is it used for?

Clonex Clone Solution is used on plant cuttings to generate healthy and robust plants by feeding them a complete and balanced mineral fertiliser that is more easily taken into the plant by a root mass that develops faster and larger than it would naturally due of the rooting hormone.

How does it function?

Clonex Clone Solution is a full and balanced mineral profile that functions as a fertiliser for plant cuttings, while the rooting hormone promotes rapid root growth to help the plant establish itself quickly and efficiently.

When should Clonex Clone Solution be used?

Clonex Clone Solution should be applied from the cutting's first root initiation until it is suitable for planting.

What should the dosing rate be?

Begin by diluting Clonex Clone Solution with 5ml of water per litter.

As the cutting becomes more established, the strength should be raised to a maximum dilution rate of 10ml per liter.

How should I apply Clonex Clone Solution?

Clonex Clone Solution can be diluted in a watering can and then watered onto the cuttings. It can also be utilised with sprinklers and misters, as well as flood and drain systems. A small amount of diluted Clonex Clone Solution should be used to run through the cutting's container.

Are there any precautions?

Clonex Clone Solution is not harmful, however good practise dictates that all chemicals be handled with caution.

What can I expect if I use this product?

Cuttings should grow faster, be more vigourous, and healthier as a result of using this product. The rooting hormone accelerates root development, while the mineral supplements assure health and vigour.

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