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GT Native Focus

Nurturing Your Australian Natives Like Never Before

Are you a fan of Australia's native plants like Banksia, Grevillea, Telopea, and Hakea?

Then you're going to love GT Native Focus.

It's not just any fertiliser; it's a labor of love, specially crafted to ensure your native plants flourish without the risk of damage from excess phosphorus.

Why GT Focus is a Game-Changer for Australian Natives:

  1. Complete Nutritional Care: Imagine a nutrient solution that has it all – and I mean, all 12 essential minerals that plants crave, including calcium. That's GT Native Focus for you, providing a well-rounded diet in one easy mix.

  2. Perfectly Balanced for Maximum Uptake: The secret to healthy plants isn't just what you feed them, but how they absorb it. Native Focus nails this with a pH-balanced formula, ensuring your plants soak up every bit of goodness.

  3. Specially Designed for Aussie Natives: Every region's plants have their quirks, and Australian natives are no different. This formula is a result of understanding and catering to these unique needs, helping your plants thrive in all their vibrant glory.

  4. Top-Notch Ingredients for Healthy Growth: Only the best for your plants! GT Native Focus is made with the finest materials and chelated trace elements, making it easier for your plants to absorb the nutrients they need.

  5. Safety First: You won't find any nasty stuff like chlorides, urea, sodium, or ammonium here. It's all about being kind to your plants and the environment.

  6. User-Friendly for Gardeners of All Levels: Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting, GT Focus makes life easy. Clear instructions and a concentrated formula that makes up to 200 liters of solution mean you're all set for success.

Your Easy Guide to Using Native Focus

Whether you're a hydroponics enthusiast or prefer traditional soil gardening, using Native Focus is a breeze.

Here's how you can make the most of it for lush, healthy plants:

For the Hydroponics Lovers:

  • Dosage: Mix in 5-7ml of Native Focus for every litre of water. It's that simple!
  • Why It's Great: This dosage ensures your water-loving plants get all the nutrients they need without being overwhelming.

For the Soil and Potting Mix Gardeners:

  • Dosage: Use a slightly lighter touch here - just 3-5ml per litre of water.
  • Why This Works: Even in soil, your plants need that extra nutrient boost, but in just the right amount to complement what the soil already offers.

A Handy Tip for All Gardeners:

  • Regular Feeding for Best Results: To see your plants truly flourish, use Native Focus at each watering. Consistency is key!
  • Monthly Flush: Once a month, treat your plants to a simple flush with plain water. This helps to clear out any build-up of mineral salts, keeping your plants happy and healthy.


Nitrate-Nitrogen 2.7
Phosphorus 0.2
Potassium 3.0
Calcium 1.6
Magnesium 0.68
Sulfur 0.2
Iron 0.06
Manganese 0.02
Boron 0.004
Zinc 0.005
Copper 0.003
Molybdenum 0.001


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